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New Data for VIBATIV (telavancin) Reported in Presentations at IDWeek 2016

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Additional Relevant Details Findings Related to in vitro PotencyResults of a study showed that VIBATIV possessed significant in vitro activity that was greater than the other antibiotics evaluated in an assessment against difficult-to-treat MRSA pathogens collected from a community hospital in the Mid-Michigan area. This in vitro potency was seen even though VIBATIV was tested at only 50% of its peak clinical levels, while the other antibiotics were tested at 100% of peak clinical levels. Even at 50% peak clinical levels, researchers observed VIBATIV to be bactericidal, exhibiting a rapid and prolonged decrease in pathogen levels. The other antibiotics tested were vancomycin, daptomycin, linezolid and ceftaroline.

"Interestingly, our retrospective analytical modeling of data from the ATTAIN studies highlights a specific patient population that not only achieved better clinical outcomes with VIBATIV but also incurred lower overall healthcare costs as compared to vancomycin," said Dr. Bruss. "Additionally, the comparable effect of VIBATIV and vancomycin treatment on patients' renal function highlighted by our second analysis may provide further rationale for additional evaluations of the risk of nephrotoxicity associated with VIBATIV treatment. This builds on and supports similar findings presented earlier this year at ATS 2016 which showed no statistically significant differences in rates of nephrotoxicity for treatment with VIBATIV compared to vancomycin in the ATTAIN trials."
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Nov 01, 2016
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