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Teva Receives Clearance from the U.S. Federal Trade Commission for Actavis Generics Acquisition

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Actavis Generics



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  • Acquisition Strongly Reinforces Teva's Strategy and Opens New Possibilities in Generics and Specialty
  • Added Capabilities, Assets and Talent Advance Teva’s Focus on Patient Needs and Providing Affordable Generic Products to Patients at Every Stage of Life Worldwide
  • Teva Will Be a Top 10 Global Pharmaceutical Company, Serving 250,000,000 People Every Day
  • Highly Synergistic Transaction Generating Double-Digit Accretion During 2017 Through 2019 with 9.3% ROIC in 2019
  • Strong Combined Company Free Cash Flow ($25 billion from deal close to the end of 2019) will enable rapid deleveraging and continued capital allocation to fuel future growth and generate shareholder value
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Jul 27, 2016
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