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Novartis data show more than 50 percent of eligible Ph+ CML patients maintain Treatment-free Remission (TFR) after stopping Tasigna

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  • In ENESTfreedom, 51.6% of eligible first-line Tasigna patients maintained TFR for 48 weeks after stopping treatment; study did not meet its statistical primary endpoint, specifically the > 50% lower limit of the 95% confidence interval
  • ENESTop met primary endpoint with 57.9% of eligible patients who had switched to Tasigna from Glivec maintaining TFR for 48 weeks after treatment cessation
  • First results from clinical program provide greater understanding of TFR and may help establish appropriate criteria for eligible Ph+ CML patients to stop treatment
  • Novartis expresses its deepest gratitude to the patients who participated in these important clinical trials
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Jun 04, 2016
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