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Agios Pharma (AGIO) to report data from Phase 1 study of AG-519 in patients with PK deficiency in at European Hematology Association Meeting

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Additional Relevant Details The purpose of the study is to investigate a drug called AG-519, which is being developed for the treatment of a disease called pyruvate kinase deficiency (also known as PK deficiency) and other forms of anemia. This study is a 3 part study with Part 1 enrolling healthy volunteers into single ascending dose (SAD) groups, Part 2 enrolling healthy volunteers into multiple ascending dose (MAD) groups and Part 3 enrolling healthy volunteers to investigate how much of the study drug is taken up by the body and how food affects the uptake of a prototype formulation of AG-519.
Additional Relevant Details  Initial Data from Phase 1 Study of AG-519 in Healthy Volunteers: 

 - Data Demonstrate Favorable Safety Profile with up to 14 Days of Daily Dosing -- Robust Dose-Dependent Changes in ATP and 2,3-DPG Blood Levels Observed Consistent with PKR Enzyme Activation -
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