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Freedom of Information Act Request

Slingshot members are requesting the following information:

Linzess FAERS database request in light of the Phase V Research report released on 4/26/16 highlighting deaths

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Why are users requesting this information?

The Phase V Research report focused on a number of reasons the authors thought Ironwood was a short, but the results of a FEARS request on Linzess was a central point.  On the morning of 4/27/16 some commenters on Twitter thought the FEARS exhibits had been changed.  Based on this debate a most likely very cheap and fast request from the agency and posted to this project page will be confirmatory.

A call discussing the FAERS cases with a GI expert is also proposed on Slingshot Insights.  Some of the causes for death sound less drug related and more related to the underlying issue of constipation. (Fecal vomiting).

Government Agency: FDA

Specific Documents Requested: FAERS database for the drug Linzess (linaclotide) since the drug has been on the market

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