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A Survey of Allergists/Immunologists on Peanut Allergy & The Potential of Palforzia

Ticker(s): AIMT, DBVT

Who's being surveyed?

30 Allergists/Immunologists who treat patients with Peanut Allergy

Survey Questions

How many patients with peanut allergy do you currently have under your care?


Are you familiar with the publicly reported trial data for Aimmune's OIT therapy, Palforzia (AR-101), and DBV’s Viaskin for Peanut Allergy?


Do you currently treat patients with over the counter peanut protein?


Do you view Palforzia as superior to over the counter peanut powder?


In the Phase Three trial, 14.5% of patients on Palforzia experienced systemic hypersensitivity reactions compared with 3.2% of placebo patients. The company has stated that of those that experienced reactions, 98.2% were classified as “mild” or “moderate” and included nausea, itchiness in the throat, and vomiting. How safe do you view Palforiza for your patients?


Of your Peanut Allergy Patients, what % of patients would you anticipate treating with Palforzia in the first 12 months on the market?


The first pill of each new dose of Palforzia must be taken in a physician’s office due to risk of adverse events such as anaphylaxis. Dose escalation occurs typically every 2 weeks during treatment. How much of a logistical barrier to treating patients is this requirement in your practice?


DBV technologies is developing ViaSkin for peanut allergy. In the company’s pivotal Phase 3 trial on more than 300 children with peanut allergies, about 35 percent of patients responded to Viaskin, but the overall results didn’t beat placebo by enough to meet the study’s primary goal. If approved by the FDA, what % of patients would you anticipate prescribing ViaSkin in the first 12 months?

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